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La strana coppia POP #1

Se non mettevano Peppino Di Capri chi andava a vederli sti Bitols?

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the manuscripts of the masters: classical music


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The question becomes, are you giving them something to make them a little happier, or are you putting in something that is inherently true to the material? Are people behaving the way we all really behave, or are they behaving the way we would like them to behave?…The questions are always, is it true? Is it interesting? To worry about those mandatory scenes that some people think make a picture is often just pandering to some conception of an audience. Some films try to outguess an audience. They try to ingratiate themselves, and it’s not something you really have to do. Certainly audiences have flocked to see films that are not essentially true, but I don’t think this prevents them from responding to the truth.

Stanley Kubrick


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le metacitazioni del cinema italiano

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e te credo..

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The Tree of Life is, really, a cinematic experience narrated in prayer. 

Not that the film preaches a specific belief system, in any way—but it is told through the language of spirituality that comes to us all in our most helpless moments. In some cases, prayer may just be the things we say to ourselves in idle moments, when we feel sorry, when we feel less than whole.  

Watching the images unfold across the screen—especially that both glorious and controversial beginning-of-the-universe sequence—we, as audience members, are forced out of our default passive stances and made to “pray”  with Jack. I found myself thinking things like How do we heal? Whose side am I on? Do I expect an answer to these questions? 

Should I? ”

—Elizabeth Cantwell
, Someday We’ll Fall Down and Weep (Bright Wall/Dark Room, November 2013)


~ Women are always true, even in the midst of their greatest falsities. ~

beh…lla. Molto.


Ryuichi Sakamoto - Before Long (Live at NYC) (by jack19998)

Apollo Theatre, NY, 1990

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Nello studio medico.

Si sente una dottoressa parlare con una signora che ha avuto uno sbalzo di pressione.
Dottoressa: l'ultima volta che l'ha misurata, quanto aveva di pressione?
Signora: io non ce l'ho. Prendo quella di mio marito: 600 al mese.
Dottoressa: quella è la pensione, ma io le ho chiesto della pressione.